Not All Netflix Workers Will Get 'Unlimited' Parental Leave - Huffington Post

He stated workers inside the DVD division no longer find stock options, either, but salaried employees may take good factor about the actual company's legendary unrestricted vacation benefit.

Revenues along with subscribers about the company's DVD side have been declining with regard to years, effortlessly dwarfed by the huge as well as growing streaming business, that provides 65 million global subscribers. The Particular rarer the skills a person bring, the greater people supply for most those skills," Ken Matos, any senior researcher in the People as well as Function Institute, told HuffPost within an email. some other workers that are certainly not thus hot. 

Still, for as long because the country leaves your advantage approximately companies to dole out, many workers will most likely be left out in the party.

Most regarding Netflix's DVD workers aren't highly sought-after, high-skilled engineers. "It can signal for the entire workforce, even those privileged, that one employee could really well be more valued when compared with another." Netflix ought to take care to message its explanation for your different rewards packages internally, he said.

Yet you will find signs in which the situation is searching up: over the past year, any slew involving companies have announced increases within maternity and paternity leave, which includes Nestlé, Vodafone, Johnson & Johnson as well as Blackstone. Because using Netflix, the new advantage didn't protect every person at the business -- only a little slice involving Virgin's dads. 

. That's why you see tech companies falling more than on his or her own to provide bigger salaries and much better parental depart benefits, a minimal of to a select team involving employees.

The advantage split inside the company highlights any developing and nagging divide within the U.S. Even the U.S. They Will were informed on Wednesday that will they'd become stuck with their really own parental depart policy, according to 1 DVD-side employee who wished to stay anonymous to always be able to protect his job. These profits fuel the particular streaming side, which usually took in $4.7 billion inside income over the identical period, yet had a slimmer 16 % revenue margin, because the company spends to develop that facet with the business.

Treating workers differently often presents the risk, Scott Dobroski, a career developments analyst at salary web site Glassdoor, informed Huffpost. Navy would consequently in May.

Meanwhile, engineers at Netflix will make around $328,000 the year, according to self-reported information in salary website 

"Benefits and also compensation within capitalism are just like some other commodity. Along With Silicon Valley booming these days, attracting and also retaining tech expertise will be increasingly the challenge. Netflix declined to always be able to confirm these details.

Amid all involving the praise for Netflix's announcement earlier this week that will it might provide its employees "unlimited" maternity along with paternity leave, the particular Silicon Valley business neglected to mention something: Not Really all workers are manufactured equal.

Between 2008 along with 2014, new fathers' paternity leave rewards really shrank, as would the actual amount involving paid out leave for new mothers (beyond disability benefits), in accordance with a Families along with work Institute report upon concerning 1,000 employers. 

The DVD aspect worker told HuffPost which a couple of of his colleagues are usually hourly workers, creating between $12 and $15 an hour. We record revenue, net income, etc.  The employee, which works overnight inside among the actual Netflix "hubs," where DVDs are generally sorted along with shipped, stated the particular policy consists of one month of fully-paid leave, in addition a new longer-term depart of absence for partial pay. The Actual document doesn't break out employees simply by division.

"We just obtain the raw end of items now since streaming will be bigger," said your DVD worker, adding he still actually likes his occupation and also feels it pays well. The Actual company also has regarding 261 part-time as well as temporary workers, primarily about the DVD side -- however supervisors along with managers tend to be salaried workers. Still, the particular DVD division, having its 5.3 million subscribers, introduced $7.66 million throughout income within 2014, having a body fat 48 % gain margin. "These announcements tend to be just as much PR as something else, so when you are generally in a position to see, tend to depart out essential details with regards to who will get what."

Just a new couple of days following Netflix's announcement, Microsoft announced it could boost maternity leave benefits for its workers. "In our industry, there is significant and constant competition regarding highly-skilled business, item development, technical and other personnel." 

Explaining why the actual company's DVD workers, many regarding whom are usually paid hourly, would not necessarily be covered, Squeo would simply claim that the 2 sides of the business tend to be operate differently. "Streaming and DVD tend to be totally separate parts in our business with assorted staff, support, etc. Meanwhile, at one other end of the spectrum, fast-food, retail and even daycare workers are usually fighting to create $15 an hour -- never mind compensated maternity leave.

In its 2014 annual report, Netflix acknowledges that losing particular employees would damage your company's business. The manager's salary will go as substantial as $90,000 per year and also possibly higher, depending on location, he said.

The benefit split between workers with Netflix will be reminiscent involving usually the actual one in Amazon, exactly where hourly warehouse workers get sued the organization pertaining to nickel-and-diming these more than break period pay.

Virgin announced the similarly sweet-sounding paternity depart package deal earlier this year: 1 12 months off for initial time dads. Netflix employs regarding 2,189 full-time employees, according to its 2014 annual report. separately regarding each and every quarterly," the girl wrote in an email.

Federal law demands significant employers for you to supply 12 weeks regarding unpaid family leave, yet paid depart can be a perk that's mostly left for you to companies in order to dole out with their own discretion. economy -- between hot, in-demand tech workers as well as managers that get showered with excess fat salaries as well as rewards and, well ... Along With since the monetary crisis, many are now offering much less paid out leave compared to before.

Employees within Netflix's declining, yet very profitable, DVD division aren't covered through the new policy, which usually permits new parents to adopt up to 12 months leave with their particular discretion, organization spokeswoman Anne Marie Squeo confirmed for you to The Particular Huffington Submit late about Wednesday.

Some workers tend to be harder to engage as well as retain as compared to others


Arizona man accused of decapitating wife, 2 dogs lets out howl in court (VIDEO) - Q13 FOX

Wakefield also advised police he smoked marijuana as well as Spice regarding an hour or even so prior to become able to the incident.

The grisly scene ended up being discovered July 25 with a neighbor whom went to confirm Heisch and stated Wakefield came for the door naked, covered within blood.

At his initial court appearance, Wakefield might be heard moaning once the prosecutor advised your judge what he is accused involving doing. A New preliminary hearing will be scheduled pertaining to Aug. 11.

CNN Wire and the associated Press contributed to be able to this report.

Investigators say Wakefield killed Trina Heisch in inclusion in order to their 2 dogs and stashed the actual bodies in the closet.

It wasn't immediately distinct if Wakefield had an attorney which could comment about the case.

They say he then gouged out certainly 1 of their own eyes as well as cut off his left hand in the forearm.

Kenneth Wakefield (Photo credit: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office)Kenneth Wakefield (Photo credit: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office)

He is actually becoming held on the $2 million bond.

Police said Wakefield has a history of mental illness as well as was released from the Arizona State Hospital a couple of months ago.

Phoenix police identified your man as Kenneth Dale Wakefield..

PHOENIX -- a man accused regarding decapitating his wife as well as the woman's a pair of dogs told police he had been trying to obtain the evil from her as well as admitted in order to making use of Spice shortly before the incident, court records show.

Police say he was inside a county lockup Sunday upon $2 million bail after becoming booked on one count regarding first-degree murder and any couple counts regarding animal cruelty.

During a occupation interview with police, Wakefield admitted to cutting the particular dogs' heads off and also stabbing Heisch multiple occasions prior to decapitating her, based on court documents. Video introduced Monday exhibits Wakefield covering his deal with and moaning for a handful of seconds.

"He said he had been attempting to obtain the evil from Trina," police wrote within the probable cause statement.

Wakefield is due again throughout court for any status conference about Friday


Navy changing body-fat rules, fitness assessment - USA TODAY

Officials hope your move will cut again about the variety of sailors discharged every year for fitness assessment failures.

The Navy started realizing no-one dimension fits almost all exists inside fitness and body composition.

The Navy's fitness assessment has been the particular bane of several the sailor pertaining to years. but that will arrives with a price of getting 2 failures within three years before being kicked out.

The move potentially will save thousands of sailors' careers. Nevertheless it's not likely to happen immediately.

"Fitness should genuinely become concerning becoming healthy along with mission readiness -- have a person been actually fit for times throughout the combat as well as stress inside the fleet? We require a system that speaks to higher health."

Vice Adm. Throughout a may speech in the Naval Academy, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus likened it into a twice-a-year crucible, exactly where sailors go to intense measures to obtain inside standards.

The Navy can be shaking up its physique composition assessment, increasing physique fat limitations regarding sailors, shifting far from career-ending punishments for failures and having a deeper take a glance at the means it measures well being inside general.

But the Navy will be adding but one more likelihood regarding sailors for you to pass.

Those with an approved or perhaps pending administrative separation as regarding July 1 for 3 fitness assessment failures within the past 4 years could notify their commanding officers that they want for you to stay inside the Navy then pass an actual physical readiness test prior to Dec. Yet initially, they won't fail altogether.

"We just like to speak of your culture involving fitness, but we actually haven't implemented a new culture regarding fitness over the Navy," said Vice Adm. It's the particular present test utilized through the Air Force as its body-composition measurement.

The next step will be raising the actual threshold to obtain a body-composition assessment failure.

o Older compared to 40: 26% for men; 36% regarding women.

"What we've tried to do within this policy alter -- with the tenets involving better health insurance and becoming mission ready because the concentrate -- is to additionally make positive we aren't throwing out good sailors because we're certainly not able to meet both ends of that spectrum," Moran said.

"It's a little much more stringent than the DoD normal however any bit more graduated by simply get older than the existing BCA standard," Moran mentioned associated with Protection Department limits across all branches of service. "It takes into consideration your physical changes that happen even as most age, too -- consequently in that way, it's just any little a lot more realistic set of standards."

Rewards for outstanding scores on a fitness assessment are generally twofold: Best scorers for just one cycle tend to be authorized to use the badge on their particular fitness suit, when it comes out next year. "Fitness should genuinely end up being about getting healthy as well as mission readiness -- are you actually match for points throughout the combat and also anxiety within the fleet? We have to possess a system which speaks to higher health, to the readiness in our sailors. That's component of your push which includes beefing up the actual ShipShape wholesome consuming program and the Navy secretary's new "Go with regard to Green" initiative, which in turn uses colour codes to show sailors the particular healthiest choices.

Nearly 1,300 sailors are already discharged because regarding failures within the 2014 cycles however those quantities aren't final. Much More compared to 6,700 active-duty along with reserve sailors get 3 PFA failures in the past four years, according to official data, plus an further 20,000 failed twice inside four years.

The Navy in addition promises to develop any Navy-wide registered dietitian plan. Navy)

The new rules make it harder to always be able to fall short your body composition assessment portion with the physical fitness assessment. Sailors with 3 outstanding scores in the row will earn any uniform award even although it hasn't been established whether or not really this will be a new ribbon or a medal.

Beginning Jan. Sailors who bust our bodies fat test will have to enroll within remedial Fitness Enhancement program exercises as well as nutritional counseling.

Those which fail throughout physical readiness to find a third occasion this fall, if it's their own third failure inside four years, still will be discharged.

The final likelihood will most likely be the particular active and very unpopular rope-and-choke tape test that measures a sailor in the neck and waist, as well as hips for women, then calculates the measurements in order to an appearance excess fat percentage. 1.

"For me, that's the right facet limit involving exactly where we are heading to allow sailors to be -- should you exceed that DoD limit, a person are, simply by definition, obese, at risk, and also this is a failure."

Moran said the actual Pentagon restrictions are there for any cause and also can't be lifted.

The Navy will be easing entire body fat rules thus it's harder in order to fall short our bodies composition portion of the physical fitness assessment as portion of your larger overhaul associated with Navy fitness that will aims to create the particular twice-a-year tests an improved measure regarding health. (Photo: Mike Morones, Navy Times)

And even which won't be punitive but instead will be "educational," Moran said.

Starting this fall, failing with the current body body fat standards no more equals an actual physical fitness assessment failure. Pertaining To those more than the defense Department's maximum regarding 26% for men and also 36% regarding women, it's really a failure.

o 18- for you to 21-year-old: 22% with regard to men, as before; 33% for women.

Sailors aboard the carrier Harry S. As Well As component of the is, shall we be performing items to encourage the culture involving fitness?"

The shifts are generally a brand new direction in the fitness program designed to move away from the punitive system to no less than one which encourages year-round fitness, having a give focus to helping individuals struggling to be able to remain fit.

Moran stated he's heard your sailors' cries pertaining to reform along with said these changes aren't the particular end, however the starting of a "more realistic" fitness program that's greater than two tests per year.

Read or perhaps Reveal this story:

He wants a system in which instead would actively gauge fitness and also health year-round, he said. Which ended up being up from 1,200 in 2013 along with greater than 1,100 within 2012, once the figures jumped significantly through with regards to 700 in 2011.. 1, entire body excess fat limitations will go past the previous under-40 as well as over-40 age group standards with 4 new groups:

"DoD features established a new maximum restrict pertaining to physique body fat percentage based on the American Healthcare Association and other institutions which say if anyone exceed that will limit you possess reached an weight problems level that raises your chance pertaining to things such as cancer or perhaps diabetes as well as other medical issues," he said.

And a failure will land a sailor inside the Fitness Enhancement Program. Navy

Early subsequent year, the Navy begins any pilot program within yet-to-be-named Pacific Fleet as well as Navy Reserve units using wearable fitness trackers like Fitbit, Moran said.

o 22- in order to 29-year-old: 23% pertaining to men; 34% for women.

"We're going to offer you the particular tools, nutrition guidance, exercise guidance and we're going to possess you are taking the PRT each along with every 1 month until you are in any position to pass," he said.

o 30- in order to 39-year-old: 24% with regard to men; 35% with regard to women.

Regardless with the quantity of failures within the past three years, sailors meeting normal by the deadline is going to be reset to one failure beginning next season when new body-composition standards consider effect.

To keep sailors on the fitness path inside among fitness assessments, Moran will be encouraging commands to always be able to randomly quit sailors pertaining to entire body fat spot-checks throughout your year. Bill Moran, U.S. Bill Moran, chief involving naval personnel. Truman carry out sit-ups as a part of their own Could 14, 2015, physical fitness assessment.(Photo: U.S. Pass might you're good. That's great information pertaining to sailors who say these people haven't any downside to running, sit-ups along with push-ups nevertheless consistently fall short height as well as excess weight standards.

Starting within January, sailors that don't satisfy the standard height along with excess weight measurements first will get a waist-only tape test, that maxes out with 39 inches for men along with 35.5 inches pertaining to women


Former Virginia Tech defensive end Melvin Keihn tweets he's transferring to ... - Washington Post

He appeared in every 13 games as a true freshman for that Hokies final year, logging nearly almost all of his time on special teams and also finishing the summer season with 2 tackles.

While Keihn would probably must sit out annually per NCAA transfer rules, Maryland would potentially always be inheriting an talented, athletic defensive end that could have much regarding his career nevertheless facing him. the 6-foot-1, 211-pound Keihn has been rated a new four-star prospect through Rivals whilst at Gilman, picking Virginia Tech over a extended set of some other schools, such as Maryland and Virginia.

Maryland continues in order to be active within the transfer marketplace this offseason, which in turn included adding Oklahoma State Quarterback Daxx Garman within May. The Actual Terrapins additionally added Connecticut transfer Jefferson Ashiru with linebacker and former North Carolina signee Avery Edwards from tight end.

Roman Stubbs insures your College regarding Maryland athletics pertaining to Your Washington Post.


Former Virginia Tech defensive end Melvin Keihn announced through Twitter Tuesday night that he is transferring to Maryland.

While Maryland features yet to make adding Keihn official, the actual former Gilman star has reportedly planned to be a component of the particular Terps since looking for his release in Virginia Tech last week


To become the best medic - DVIDS (press release)


A Soldier's Date of eligible regarding Return via Overseas (DEROS) had always be to before Nov. This had been painful."

Over the course of your 72-hour Army Greatest Medic Competition, medics are usually pushed non-stop to finish the number of events for you to include a two-mile run, obstacle course, casualty evacuation across a one-rope bridge, a physical fitness challenge, a 12-mile foot march using embedded medical tasks, territory navigation, combat medic lanes, and an urban assault course. "Early about the initial day, we started off with the modified physical training test," mentioned Lackey. The idea pushes the actual participants to their physical and also mental limits. 2.

Now waiting for the Army-wide Greatest Medic Competition, Lackey stated he could be "staying using the usual" and never changing his already effective training routine.

Lackey stated he had been fortunate to participate in and also believed that will it absolutely was an chance for him in order to distinguish himself through just about all the other medics in the Army. Army Very Best Medic Competition after winning the particular 2nd Infantry Division competition and also 8th Army competition. last however, not least, only the holders of the Combat medical Badge or even the Expert field Healthcare Badge, that are extremely distinguished qualifications, may participate. However, your winner of the 8th U.S. Army Very Best Medic Competition stated your regular Army morning physical training as well as an every day private workout are generally enough preparation to succeed.

Lackey teamed up with Sgt. Despite the excruciating tasks, Lackey felt honored and also privileged to participate within the competition. copyright law.

"I get done boxing for any couple years, however Army PT is the best preparation for the competition," Lackey said. Balamurali Devarajan, a flight medic from the Co.

"There are numerous requirements to participate inside the competition," mentioned Lackey. When questioned how he ready himself for that competition, he explained in which his encounter inside the Army so far features helped him. The total involving six two-man teams created your qualifications for you to compete.. also your Soldiers should be in excellent standing as well as recommended by way of a supervisor. Clark Jr. Scott Lackey, an emergency treatment non-commissioned officer for the 602nd Aviation Assistance Battalion, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, will participate the particular 2015 Command Sgt.

PYEONGTAEK, South Korea - The Particular best medic competition can be a 72-hour two-Soldier team competition. C, 3rd General support Aviation Battalion, 2nd CAB, as well as won the actual 8th Army best Medic Competition. Maj. the winning team will represent your 8th Army at the Army-wide best Medic Competition, located in San Antonio, Texas in November.

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Public Domain Mark

This work, To Always Be Able To get to become the best medic, by Chung Il Kim, identified by DVIDS, is actually free of known copyright restrictions below U.S. Precisely what do you believe you've to complete for you to plan for this competition? Several may well feel weeks of special pre-training can be needed. Jack L. "The competition had multiple events to add night and also day land navigation, an obstacle course, any published test, along with more


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